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[cpastro] (CPAC) Next Online meeting Wednesday 9/06/2021

Hi All

Next week at the Castle Point Astronomy Club is a ‘Telescope Buffet’. The idea of this is that members can share their experiences and tips about telescopes – and it can be almost anything amateur scope related.

So, for instance:

  • A brief review of your telescope

  • Tips you have for using a telescope.

  • Modifications you’ve made to your telescope.

  • Maintenance of telescopes

It can be serious, or lighthearted, and share your experiences of what has gone right (or indeed, often more instructive!) what has gone wrong for you. It doesn’t need to have pictures.

Its a bit like a members roundup but telescope focused! It doesn’t need to be long – lots of 5 min (or less!) contributions from different members could make it a fascinating evening!

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