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Peter Carson, hosts his own website displaying his own astro photos, likes comets.

Jim Vincents web site has a gallery of astronomy pictures taken by himself and information on the Equipment used. The site also has  information on telescope making, grinding mirrors, setting up a fully automated observatory and sections on collimation and star testing to help get the most out of any telescope.  

Chris Woodhouse's web site 'Digital Astrophotography' is where Chris displays his latest Books on Astro photography. The site contains information on how build and set up a Roll Off  Roof Observatory, and has tutorials on how to use Sequence Generator Pro (SGP). Chris also has a  stunning astrophotography Gallery displaying his own images.  

Dave Smith shares his excellent pictures of our nearest star taken in white light and Ha on his web site.  

Amateur astronomers can make valuable contributions to comet science by observing comets and submitting their observations to COBS.

Astronomy resources for kids. This web site can keep your children amused for hours with lots of astronomy related activities from how to make a paper cup planetarium to crossword puzzle's, well worth a visit.

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