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Hi All

This week we have an outside speaker Prof Ian Robson and the "Pluto Story"

Ian was president Society for Popular Astronomy 2014-16;

President Royal Scottish Society for the Arts 2010-13

International Year of Astronomy 2009 UK Coordinator

President IAU Commission 55 – Communicating Astronomy with the Public, 2005-2008

Director UK Astronomy Technology Centre 2004-2012

Director James Clerk Maxwell Telescope 1992-2002

Don't miss it.

Should be a fascinating evening.

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Hi All

This week we have our Spring Watch round up meeting.

Members have been Looking at objects in Leo, Virgo and Coma Berenices and will be presenting their observations to the club.

We Have presentations by

Roger Pittock

Ed Goward

Barrie Frost

Jim Vincent

John Billige

Pete Carson

Should be a good one.

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Hi All

His week we have Alan with his monthly round-up of what's happening out in space.

Don't Miss it.

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