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[cpastro] This weeks meeting Wednesday March 1st 2023: The uncertainty of Mr Heisenberg, Roy Gunson

This week we have a slightly off topic talk by Roy Gunson

The Uncertainty of Mr Heisenberg

The life and times of Werner Heisenberg. His early life, his family, the development of Quantum Theory with Niels Bohr and his uncertainty theory. Involvement with the National Socialists and his involvement in the German atom bomb project. His capture by the allies and life after the war.

Roy Gunson was born in 1950. Retired in 2011 after 32 years at Sheffield Hallam university, prior working in various Research Associations, he has been an amateur astronomer since age 10 or so, Interested in History, a recreational wargamer and has an interest in genealogy and history.

Roy has been giving talks on Astronomy and associated historical topics since retirement. Currently Vice-Chair of Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society.

Don't Miss it

It will be a good one.

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