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[cpastro] Next meeting Wednesday June 26th 2024: CPAC great debate, Mike, Jim, Chris, and Ken.

Hi All

This week we have a 4 way debate.

When was/is/will be the most exciting time to be an amateur astronomer?'

1) The 1600s, when the invention of the telescope totally changed

people's thinking about the Universe and every view of the skies was a

new discovery


2) The Victorian/Edwardian era when modern astronomy took shape with

many discoveries that form the basis of our modern understanding of the



3) Today - when telescopes and equipment that would have been

unbelievable to earlier generations of astronomers can be bought by

almost anyone.


4) The future - when who knows what amateur astronomers might be able to do?


Our debates are good fun and you get to vote.

Don't miss it.

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